探索什么?. 安瑟伦的必须提供! We have new camps in the areas of Fine Arts and 体育. All Camps are led by experienced Abbey teachers and coaches.


We are now offering an Inaugural Year Discount for all 体育 Camps! 全日:$225/半天$100. 现在就注册!

护理时间为下午3点至5点.  $100/week if prepaid, and $25/day (billed later) if per day.

中学生学习技巧 & 高中
This one-week program is offered twice and will expose students to new strategies and techniques to get the most out of their daily study routine. Take a week this summer to develop the tools and habits that will serve you well all year long! Open to students entering Grades 6 and up.
提供 6月26 - 30日 & July 17-21 / 10:30-11:30AM / $260 per session
Join us for The bwin用户登陆的球员' Summer Theatre Camp!
There will be two summer theatre camps to choose from with a performance at the end of each of the two weeks.
Students will have the opportunity to participate in workshops focused in acting, 阶段战斗, 即兴表演, 剧院科技, 服装, 试镜, 和独奏/团体表演. Students will put together a variety-show performance throughout the week that includes scenes from famous stage shows and movies, 个人和著名的独白, stage-combat演讲, 经典戏剧的改编, 甚至是独唱歌曲! The week will include content from classic Greek and Shakespearean plays as well as modern plays and musicals!
This is an excellent way to hone your skills and gain experience in the art of theatre. Be prepared to meet new friends, learn many new skills, and have lots of fun.
This camp is open to students in middle and high school, and we encourage everyone to join!
You may sign up for one or both sessions of camp, as both weeks will have different pieces and workshops included.
7月3日开始 - 14 and July 17 - 28 / Both camps run from 12 pm to 3 pm / $450 for July 3 - 14 and $500 for July 17 - 28
Students will build a hybrid plywood/lapstrake standup paddle board over the course of 15 three-hour sessions.  Using a Chesapeake Light Craft kit students will have all the pieces pre-cut and all the materials needed to build a pretty nifty Stand Up Paddleboard. The students will experience hands-on boat building work while acting as a team to complete their project that will be auctioned off at our Annual Gala! 
提供 July 10th-28th (3 week session), 12-3pm $750. 
There will be two art classes in the afternoons: 
This class focuses on ceramic sculpture and hand building techniques.  教授的技巧包括捏锅, 卷取, 板, sculpting by addition and subtraction, 上釉. We will also discuss balance and form when creating works of art using earthenware clay.
This class focuses on the basics of drawing during the first half of the workshop. Contour and cross contour lines will be explored, as well as shading techniques.  We will conclude the workshop with printmaking, using linoleum print blocks and printing ink to compose one-of-a-kind prints.
指导老师是bwin用户自己的. Mendoza, who teaches multiple art classes to all grades here at St. 安瑟伦的.
提供每周 July 10-14, and July 24-28  
$175 per class per week ($150 for June 20-23)
Mr. 院长和院长. 塞缪尔将教两门数学课. One will focus on Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra, and the other on Pre-Algebra into Algebra 1.
Arithmetic-Pre-Algebra/ 9:30-10:30 AM /$125 per week ($100 for 4-day weeks)
Pre-Algebra-Algebra 1/ 10:30-11:30 AM /$125 per week ($100 for 4-day weeks)

This class combines applied practice in expository and creative writing with an intensive review of basic grammar. Grammar studies include sentence diagramming, writing projects include an introduction to the traditional five-paragraph essay, and creative writing includes free writing and poetry. 学生可能只需要一周的时间, but they may benefit from enrolling in multiple weeks as lessons build on each other throughout the summer. 班主任先生. Jonathan Vaile has been teaching English for over 20 years. Open to students entering grades 5 and up.
提供每周 June 20-July 28/ 9:30-10:30 AM/ $125 per week ($100 on 4-day weeks)
This course is intended for students who have previously had difficulty in their Latin courses, or for students who are being exposed to Latin for the first time. Material will be geared towards pupils’ individual needs, with particular emphasis on first and second year Latin. Charles Jenney’s series of textbooks is used. 这门课的指导老师是Mr. Adam Fries, chair of Classical Languages at St. 安瑟伦的.  Open to students entering grades 6 and up. 
每周6月20日至7月28日开课 / 8:30-9:30 AM /$125 per week ($100 for 4-day weeks)
Please click on the button below to register your student for summer classes. Then come back to this page to pay on-line through PayPal.
Please note that the weeks of June 20 - 23 and July 3 - 7 are prorated as those weeks are four days instead of five days. The school is closed on Juneteenth (June 19) and the 4th of July.



艺术:绘画 & 陶瓷

画 & 陶瓷